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"NEXt Level Veterinary Medicine"

Nexus – means a connection between members of a group or things in a series; the core, or center; link; bond, a connected group or series (from Latin: a binding together)

Why We're in Veterinary Medicine

At Nexus Veterinary Specialists, we approach veterinary medicine with a focus on compassion, excellence, growth and community.


We are veterinarian-owned and uncompromising when it comes to giving your companion the best care available.


Please call anytime to ask a question, set up a consultation or to schedule a visit in our new Multi-Speciality Hospital. Click "About Nexus" to read more about our growing Specialty team. 

Our Core Values

Evolution – Taking things to the “NEXt” level. Nexus will be on the forefront of advanced veterinary care, research (in-vitro, clinical, One Health), and teaching.

Family/Flexibility – A bonded team approach to help each other out, allow for work/life balance and promote furthering of the intellectual mindset of all employees 

Expertise – A connected group of the best veterinary doctors/specialist, technicians, support staff, and administrative staff to provide a patient centered/patient specific approach

Compassion/Collaboration – A bond or link between the pet owner, the general veterinarian, and Nexus doctors to promote compassion with every patient we treat and every client we interact with. 

We are thrilled to announce that Dr. Cara Steele is joining Nexus Vet this April to lead our Internal Medicine department. Click here to learn more about Dr. Steele.

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